Our Mission
Promote Reliable, Safe and Technologically Advanced Devices and Services to the Italian Ophthalmic Community Through a Skilled, Professional Net of Persons.

Our Organization
C.I.O. - Compagnia Italiana Oftalmologica - S.c.a.r.l. is a Leading Company operating in the  distribution of Ophthalmic Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Surgical Instrumentation and After Sales Service in Italy.
Founded in 1985, C.I.O. covers the whole Italian territory through a capillary network of Sales Representatives, Product Specialists and Technicians.

The Customer Oriented Credo, the deep knowledge of the complex Italian health care arena, the solid relationships with all the players in the Field (Suppliers, Ophthalmologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Technicians, Account People, Administrations, Engineers, etc) represent C.I.O.’s keys of success, leading our Company to a premium competitive position in the Italian Ophthalmic Market.

C.I.O.’s global turnover in the year 2015 was about 25 M€  with a steady positive trend compared to the previous years.

In its organization C.I.O. counts 22 Sales Agents, 5 Product Specialists and 7 Technicians positioned in Regional offices based in Turin, Milan, Parma, Florence, Rome, Naples and Reggio Calabria.